Pull Dog Hitch with 6” Drop 600lb tongue / 6000lb load

Pull Dog™ Class III Hitch with 6” Drop 600lb tongue
$154.95 each

Pull Dog Trailer Hitch

The Pull Dog Ball Mount is the next evolution in towing hitches.
Pull Dog is patented in the US and other countries because it uses a locking wedge design never seen in tow hitches before. Pull Dog is made in the US by American machinists and welders and is made entirely of high quality materials. Pull Dog is made to last.

How Does The Pull Dog Ball Mount Work?

When installed in a standard 2” receiver and properly adjusted the Pull Dog hitch locks down inside the receiver. It does this by raising two piston like pads through openings in the top of the ball mount shank that press against the upper wall of the receiver. When tight the Pull Dog hitch eliminates all the noise that comes from the movement of an old fashioned ball mount in a standard 2” receiver when your vehicle or trailer go’s over bumpy or uneven surfaces. Pull Dog is totally effective and makes for a smoother, quieter ride in your tow vehicle.

  • Rated at Max. 600lb Tongue Weight/ 6000lb Load

  • Fits 2" x 2" Receiver